It’s A Cool Cool World

Giana X même. It's A Cool Cool World Seattle 12

It’s crazy how Instagram and social media can play a huge role in meeting people you would have never met without it. That is exactly how the Giana x Même Kidswear collaboration took place. The creator of Même, Reina, reached out to us on Instagram and thought Giana should have her own art show. Même mentioned how it would be cool to host a solo art show for Little G in Seattle at 2312 Gallery.


The stars aligned and Its A Cool Cool World was born.




At her very first solo show located in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Giana showcased 4O pieces of original new works. It was the perfect place with an awesome atmosphere.


Giana même. It's A Cool Cool World Seattle 06


Giana X même. It's A Cool Cool World Seattle 02


Everyone was very inviting to Giana and she interacted with and met so many cool people. All of the children who came, liked Giana’s art and danced to the tunes of the DJ. Definitely an awesome environment for anybody looking to come and enjoy a good show.


Giana X même. It's A Cool Cool World Seattle 03

Giana X même. It's A Cool Cool World Seattle 04


Giana also sold prints of her art and signed them as people purchased.

“Its a Cool Cool World” will be making its way to the Los Angeles area in March. New and old works will be included in the show.



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