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Dear Giana | Off-White

Watch Giana’s work in progress as she recreates an Off-White binder clip bag. Giana created this purse using many household items such as poster board, assorted colors of duct tape, watercolor, pencil, pen & sharpies. She recreated the majority of the purse using paper.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

Dear Giana Off-White bag

Giana uses silver duct tape to create metallic parts of the purse.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

She connects her strap using scotch tape.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

Shaping the structure to create the bag’s depth.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

Giana’s complete recreation of the Off-White Binder Clip Bag.


Watch Giana’s Creative Process


Watch Giana’s epic unboxing video for Vans



DEARGIANA X Bless Box Collabo

Dear Giana X Bless Box


Giana is so happy to finally share this exciting collaboration that she did with Sazan for Bless Box.


She spent her evenings after school drawing lots of beauty items and products that were inspired by the contents that fill Sazan’s monthly box of beauty products.


The packaging for this Special Edition collaboration for September was designed by Giana from all of her beautiful creations. This box is jam packed with amazing contents.




This is a SURPRISE look at the upcoming @theblessbox! Not only is Sazan making this box jam packed amazing on the inside but it’s also gonna be INCREDIBLE on the outside! This month’s boxes are shipping soon so get yours while you still can at blessbox.com.


Watch Giana create the Special Edition Bless Box





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deargiana artwork