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Dear Giana | Off-White

Watch Giana’s work in progress as she recreates an Off-White binder clip bag. Giana created this purse using many household items such as poster board, assorted colors of duct tape, watercolor, pencil, pen & sharpies. She recreated the majority of the purse using paper.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

Dear Giana Off-White bag

Giana uses silver duct tape to create metallic parts of the purse.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

She connects her strap using scotch tape.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

Shaping the structure to create the bag’s depth.



Dear Giana Off-White bag

Giana’s complete recreation of the Off-White Binder Clip Bag.


Watch Giana’s Creative Process


Watch Giana’s epic unboxing video for Vans




Just Kaws

DearGiana Kaws Where The End Starts


If you lived in Texas, then you knew about KAWS’ show, “Where The End Starts” coming to The Modern Fort Worth. It was definitely a show you did not want to miss.


It was an awesome experience to see his sculptures and art super close.






🙈Off we went to the show, and as expected, our eyes exploded.🙈



DearGiana: Kaws Where The End Starts



KAWS is an artist who Giana has always gravitated toward. He is definitely one of her favorite artists who inspires her through his use of color and imagination. His creations draw the attention of both children and adults, so bringing Giana and seeing her eyes light up was very cool to see.




KAWS is a graffiti artist, illustrator, painter, sculptor, product designer, and toymaker whose work spans the worlds of graffiti, pop art, and consumer culture. His bodies of work are highly charged with an underlying wit, irreverence, and affection for our times.





He has primarily looked to and appropriated from pop-culture animations (including The Smurfs, The Simpsons, Peanuts, Hanna-Barbera, and SpongeBob) to form his paintings, drawings, and sculptures.


DearGiana: Kaws Where The End Starts


Kaws’ well known larger-than-life sculptures and hard-edge paintings really emphasize such a wonderful use of line and color.


American, b. 1974, Jersey City, New Jersey, based in Brooklyn, New York



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Creative Exploration

Proenza: Giana getting creative with googly eyes

Giana experimenting on a Proenza ad with #googlyeyes sent to her by @solapineda


Giana has been creatively experimenting with fashion ads and stickers as a different medium. Using the stickers as an element along with the advertisement is something that is quite eye catching.



DearGiana: Celine exploring with letters.

Letter stickers are the best.




Placing a children’s sticker on a Gucci ad or stickers on a CÈLINE ad creates a sense of humor and unique coolness.




Some of these new works will be included at Giana’s upcoming Los Angeles Show in March. This is another one you won’t want to miss! It will be a great and inspiring environment for everyone and especially children.


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Super Fantasy Mercado


Giana participated in this really cool Popup Art Store in Dallas, TX this past weekend. It all came together quite nicely by @chineseknees who did a fantastic job of creating this Super Fantasy Mercado.


Dear Giana: Super Fantasy Mercado Popup Art Show


It was a carefully selected group of artists who contributed their work that was on display and for sale. It was a good experience for Giana to be surrounded by so many great artists like the super talented Ricardo, Mario, Bodegra Negra, and many more.




Giana also signed each print that was purchased.



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