Giana is a 7 year old Filipina-Mexican American Artist most notable for recreating high-end fashion ads using freehand drawing techniques, with various mediums outside of color crayons. Her mother’s extensive collection of books and numerous print issues of VOGUE, I-D Mag and Harper’s Bazaar, gave Giana no shortage of subject matter to hone in on her creativity.

Both parents have encouraged Giana’s will to create and pursue her love for the craft by building a home environment filled with art, design, color and modern furniture. Over the years, Giana has continued to develop her work and display growth with each new piece while showing a greater interest in art, color, fashion and design.


Giana had her first solo art show in Seattle, WA in Belltown on November 5th, 2016 where she showcased 40+ freehand pieces.



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